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It's a lovely day so Mavis and Malcolm decide to take a day trip to the beach. But the day doesn’t go as smoothly as planned when Malcolm decides there's 'no need to read' the bus timetable, signpost, and ice cream menu, causing problems and giggles along the way. "Beside The Sea" is a 20-minute interactive play for Early Years children where the audience can sing along with Mavis and Malcolm and maybe even join in with a few actions and some Makaton signing! The play focuses on the importance of reading print in the environment and making a story map.


If you would like to sing along with us, the songs included are The Wheels on the Bus, I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside, The Sun Has Got His Hat On and I Hear Thunder.

"Mavis and Malcolm: Beside the Sea" has been written specifically for preschool and Nursery children but it has been enjoyed by babies, toddlers and older siblings too! Performances cost £75 for one, or £140 for two performances in the same morning or afternoon session. We always love it when parents and carers are invited to join in the fun too! 

To book a performance for your setting please email us. 

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