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‘My Stalybridge’ is a heritage audio walk for all ages, designed to give you an insight into some of Stalybridge's fascinating history, as told by Stalybridge residents past and present!

Enjoy a stroll around Stalybridge town centre on a guided route and listen to some of Stalybridge's residents remembering Stalybridge in days gone by. Simply download the audio track(s) and accompanying map and use them to navigate your way around the town, led by your audio guide. The trail is available to listen to, or to download, below. You can either use the full track and pause between each section, or listen to the individual tracks. To download: click on the track you wish to download, then click on 'Free', then click 'Download in mp3'.  If you are less mobile but would enjoy hearing the memories of Stalybridge, the tracks can also be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home! 

Important information: You are responsible for your own safety while listening to this audio trail. Please remove your headphones as you cross the roads. This trail involves no steps and is suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs. The walk will take approximately one hour depending on your pace. 

To listen to the trail as one complete track, pausing between sections: DOWNLOAD TRACK 13 COMPLETE TRAIL

To listen to the trail as separate tracks: DOWNLOAD TRACKS 1-12

This event is part of 5 weeks of family activities taking place in Stalybridge this summer, part of the town’s year as Greater Manchester Town of Culture. Find out what else is on here


This event has been funded by the Stalybridge Community Grants, part of Greater Manchester Town of Culture.

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