Our Anti-Bullying Work


2 Boards & A Passion are proud to be associate members of the Anti-Bullying Alliance.


Each year we write and produce a brand new Anti-Bullying production based on the Anti-Bullying Alliance's theme for the year. The new show begins its tour during Anti-Bullying Week in November, then our anti-bullying productions and workshops tour for the rest of the academic year. 


Touring 2021-22

Sticks & Stones


Linked with the Anti-Bullying Alliance's theme for 2021, 'One Kind Word'.


Statistics fanatic Norman Blewitt has his heart set on impressing your young people with his seemingly endless complicated facts and figures about bullying in primary schools, until Pippa the Pig suggests that a story might be more of a hit with the children. Norman and Pippa's helper begin to tell the story of Jennifer James who doesn't want to go to school due to other children being unkind.


This interactive production uses forum theatre where the children become 'spect-actors' and are encouraged to give their ideas and suggestions to help Jenny to solve her problems and create a positive ending, even helping Pippa to realise that her words may have hurt Norman's feelings.


The children have the chance to hotseat the characters, asking them questions about their actions and emotions, and a few volunteers will even help us to finish the story by playing the characters themselves, led and supported by our actor-facilitator.

Originally written for Anti-Bullying Week 2011, this interactive production toured schools in Malta in 2019 and is currently being updated to fit in more closely with this year's theme for Anti-Bullying Week, 'One Kind Word'. The revised show will use a combination of storytelling, puppetry and humour to strike home its serious message.

The costs for schools within Tameside and surrounding areas are shown below: this is a total price with no V.A.T. added. The performance is suitable for one whole school performance, but we offer a second performance in the same morning session for schools who prefer to split the two Key Stages; this allows more children to get involved in the interactive sections and allows us to differentiate the interactive section of the show slightly for Key Stages 1 and 2. For schools further afield, travel costs (and accommodation where necessary) will be added. Please email us for an exact price. 


1 performance: £500

2 performances in the same morning session: £600

2 performances (1 x A.M. and 1 x P.M.): £750

For more information, or to book a performance for your school, please contact us .

Anti-Bullying Week availability 2021:


Monday 15th November:



Tuesday 16th November:



Wednesday 17th November:

A.M: Available to book. (U.K.)

P.M: Available to book. (U.K.)

Thursday 18th November:


P.M: Available to book. (Tameside and surrounding area only)

Friday 19th November: 

A.M: Available to book. (U.K.)

P.M: Available to book. (U.K.)

The children were gripped from the start; it was topical and relevant to their interests and online habits. (Click!)

Bradley Green Primary Academy, Hyde 

An excellent way to put important messages across to the children. The children really enjoyed the show and understood what it was all about- thank you!

Rachael Woolley, Mosborough Primary School, Sheffield

The children gave their full attention throughout and including children in the performance was fantastic. A brilliant way to start our E-Safety topic.

Laura Wilcock, Shield Row Primary School, Durham

The performance was brilliant, enjoyed by staff and children. The messages were really clear and the children could relate to them. Another amazing performance, thank you!

Canon Burrows CofE Primary School, Ashton-under-Lyne

Got a serious message across in a fun and exciting way. It was a powerful production. Really enjoyed by all.

Holly Hughes, PSHE Co-ordinator, Rice Lane Primary School, Liverpool

The children thoroughly enjoyed the performance and it was a perfect fit with Anti-Bullying Week.

Emma Burton, PSHE Leader, Hill View Primary School, Bournemouth

Very thought-provoking activities which children were keen to be involved in. Good range of interactive ideas that gave practical, real-life strategies for dealing with bullies.

Emma Bartholomew, Class teacher, Woodland View Primary School, Notts.

Our previous Anti-Bullying productions:

Walk The Plank.jpg
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Special jpeg.jpg

CSI: Change Squad Investigates: Based on the Anti-Bullying Alliance's theme for 2019, 'Change Starts With Us'.

Walk The Plank: Based on the Anti-Bullying Alliance's theme for 2018, 'Choose Respect'.


Uniquely Equal: Dealing with bullying of children for being 'different', based on the ABA's theme for 2017, "All Different, All Equal".


Supercharged: Based on the ABA's theme for 2016, 'Power For Good', looking at how we are stronger when we work together to combat bullying.


Special: Based on the ABA's theme for 2015, 'Let's Stop Bullying for All'

Click: Based on the ABA's theme for 2013, 'The future's ours: safe, fun and connected'. Dealing with cyberbullying and online safety.


Sticks & Stones: Based on the ABA's theme for 2011, 'Stop and think – words can hurt'. Dealing with verbal bullying.