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Alex is a new trainee superhero at the Reach Out Academy who is determined to discover their inner power. But Insidious, a third year at the Academy, has other ideas and is determined to turn Alex to the evil side. Alex can't handle Insidious’ bullying ways alone and turns to the audience to find out whether it’s true that there is safety in numbers..?

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Maisie and George don't like visiting Grandma, whom everyone calls Granny Grump. But one day, Grandma reveals a hidden secret; she used to be a superhero! Can the children help to bring back Daring Doris? An uplifting tale with original music exploring self-belief and the power of positive thinking!


"Funny, warm and bubbling over with positive vibes, Granny Grump is a lovely theatre experience for younger children and their parents.

Anna Wright, 'Families North West Derbyshire'


"Audience participation with the children solicited some delightful and unexpected responses."

Alex Watts, Buxton Fringe reviewer


"funny, inspiring, and inventive with great songs too. Well done to everyone involved."

Rob Johnston, Playwright



Mr. Vinegar is possibly the world's unluckiest man!  One day whilst cleaning, his wife manages to smash the pickle jar that they call home, bringing it crashing down around their ears. Mr. Vinegar suggests they go on an adventure to seek their fortunes, taking the front door with them. Along the way Mr. Vinegar encounters bumbling robbers, a dodgy market trader, a dubious bagpipe player, and a host of other strange characters. But will there be a happy ending for the loveable Mr. Vinegar?


“rollickingly funny… a winning formula for a hugely enjoyable family show”

The Stage


“The children were engaged and involved in the tale from start until finish!”


Winter Song

It’s Winter again, Millie’s favourite time of year. But how will she react when the season that she has always loved becomes a Winter without end? A strange encounter with Sage, the Wood Elf, teaches Millie that humans have stopped caring about the Earth, and that the Winter Song which once heralded the end of Winter can no longer be heard. Without the song, the Spring has no way of knowing that it is time to return to the Earth, so Millie sets off on a quest to find the song, meeting an array of unusual, magical friends along the way. But is Millie’s strange adventure a fantasy, a dream, or a reality? Don’t be too sure that you know the answer… things aren’t always what they seem!


"...the story is delightful, really warmed the cockles and made me feel all festive! “


"The music was superbly written, confidently performed, with strong hooks making them infectiously catchy and a joy to sing along to."


"...captivating viewing...“


Audience members, Partington Theatre, Glossop


Tomb To Womb


What is it that makes us who we are, or rather, who we become? Using a high-speed journey backwards through one woman's life, the play examines how events and the people we meet along the way affect life choices and shape our futures. A humorous, thoughtful observational drama.


"..Slick performance. The chemistry between the performers is wonderful to watch" 

Three Weeks


"A poignant tale... neatly choreographed... exciting and original"

John Wilson, Buxton Fringe Festival Reviewer


"The best thing I've seen"

"On the button - very effective, very moving“

"It had me captivated from beginning to end“

"Amazing! I want to see it again"

 Audience comments, Buxton Fringe

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