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Let Off Steam!

Let Off Steam.png

We are very excited to introduce our “Let Off Steam” workshops, BRAND NEW for Summer Term 2022!

After two years of disrupted schooling why not end the year on a high and help your children to celebrate the end of their first normal year back in school with our exciting drama workshops?

The name of the game is FUN. That’s it. No big educational aims, no goals set, no standards to reach, just time for children (and staff of course!) to play and have fun together! (OK, so our sessions are also great for teamwork, taking turns, co-operation, sharing and rebuilding friendships after so long in isolation and a long year trying to ‘catch up’ but SHHHHH!! DON’T tell them they are learning... that will spoil the fun! )

Age-appropriate workshops are available for all classes from Early Years to Year 6. Days are very flexible and can be broken down into as many classes as you can cram into a day! “Let Off Steam” workshops are suitable for one class of 30 children at a time. We recommend 20-30 minutes for EYFS, and 45-60 minutes for Key Stages 1 & 2 but you can plan the day however it works best for you!


For schools in Tameside and surrounding areas a full day with two experienced facilitators (with Enhanced DBS) costs £400, or you can book a half day session for only £250. For schools further afield please email us for a quote. If you have a very large school we can offer discounts for booking multiple days to accommodate all children; please email us for details.

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