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There’s a panic at the North Pole. The North Star has gone missing and without it Santa can’t take take-off in his sleigh to make the deliveries on Christmas Eve. Santa’s whole power system runs on the energy from the North Star and without it Christmas is finished...forever! The only hope of saving Christmas lies with two very naughty elves; Rip-up and Chuck-it! The only problem is that they have been banished from the workshop due to their silly behaviour! Could this be their time to shine...or is it too late to save Christmas? A fun-filled interactive festive show for Key Stages 1 and 2 which includes lots of favourite Christmas songs to sing-along with. The performance lasts for approx 50 minutes. 

Each performance costs £500. Schools who book a performance for Key Stages 1 & 2 along with a performance of Jingle and Bauble's Christmas Chaos for EYFS in the same morning session pay only £525 for both, a saving of £75. 

This show requires a performance space of 3m x 2m and the use of one plug socket. 

Current availability (as of 02/12/22)

Monday 28th November: FULLY BOOKED

Tuesday 29th November: FULLY BOOKED

Wednesday 30th November: FULLY BOOKED

Thursday 1st December FULLY BOOKED

Friday 2nd December FULLY BOOKED

Monday 5th December: FULLY BOOKED

Tuesday 6th December: FULLY BOOKED

Wednesday 7th December: FULLY BOOKED

Thursday 8th December: FULLY BOOKED

Friday 9th December: P.M. AVAILABLE

Monday 12th December: P.M. AVAILABLE

Tuesday 13th December: P.M. AVAILABLE

Wednesday 14th December: FULLY BOOKED

Thursday 15th December: FULLY BOOKED

Friday 16th December: FULLY BOOKED


For more information or to book a performance for your setting please email us. 

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