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Wizard Trimore has never been the most organised wizard but this time he has really blown it: he has lost the 'Magic of Christmas' spell! Join him on his quest to find the spell and restore the magic before the big day arrives, or maybe this will be the year that Christmas never comes! Help to turn mayhem back into magic in this hilarious but heart-warming new 50-minute show. Written for Key Stages 1 and 2,  "The Christmas Magic Quest" combines comedy, original songs, and audience participation on a journey of discovery to uncover the REAL magic of Christmas. 

Each performance costs £500. Schools who book a performance for KS1&2 along with a performance of Bunny Can't Sleep! for Nursery and Reception in the same morning session pay only £525 for both, a saving of £75. 

This show requires a performance space of 3m x 2m and the use of one plug socket please. 

Current availability (as of 29/11/23)

Monday 27th November: SORRY, FULLY BOOKED

Tuesday 28th November: SORRY, FULLY BOOKED

Wednesday 29th November: SORRY, FULLY BOOKED

Thursday 30th November: SORRY, FULLY BOOKED

Friday 1st December: SORRY, FULLY BOOKED

Monday 4th December:  SORRY, FULLY BOOKED

Tuesday 5th December: SORRY, FULLY BOOKED

Wednesday 6th December: SORRY, FULLY BOOKED

Thursday 7th December: A.M. BOOKED & P.M. AVAILABLE

Friday 8th December: A.M. BOOKED P.M. AVAILABLE

Monday 11th December: A.M. BOOKED & P.M. AVAILABLE

Tuesday 12th December: A.M. BOOKED P.M. AVAILABLE

Wednesday 13th December: SORRY, FULLY BOOKED

Thursday 14th December: SORRY, FULLY BOOKED

Friday 15th December: SORRY, FULLY BOOKED

For more information or to book a performance for your setting please email us. 

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