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Winter Song


It’s Winter again, Millie’s favourite time of year. But how will she react when the season that she has always loved becomes a Winter without end? A strange encounter with Sage, the Wood Elf, teaches Millie that humans have stopped caring about the Earth, and that the Winter Song which once heralded the end of Winter can no longer be heard. Without the song, the Spring has no way of knowing that it is time to return to the Earth, so Millie sets off on a quest to find the song, meeting an array of unusual, magical friends along the way. But is Millie’s strange adventure a fantasy, a dream, or a reality?Don’t be too sure that you know the answer… things aren’t always what they seem!


“Winter Song” is an enchanting new eco-themed tale for children combining puppetry, humour and live music to create a magical piece of children’s theatre suitable for all primary aged children.


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