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Anti-Bullying Week 2015: Monday

'Are you doing a show?!' The phrase the majority of people working a TIE show will be overly familiar with. 'Why are you bringing all of that stuff in?' One question that you just have no idea how to answer without it sounding sarcastic. 'WHAT'S YOUR SHOW ABOUT?!' At times it's easy to forget (before a coffee) that the questions are not meant to be mithering or bothersome but are in fact the wonderings of a young inquisitive mind who is so so excited about a show being in school that they just can't keep their thoughts in their own heads. Cue a Key Stage 1 boy; who this morning was so excited that he threw himself at me for a hug, whilst I had my arms full of set and a head severely lacking caffeine. It was in this moment I remembered why I love Anti Bullying Week and all those lovely moments it brings with it; despite him having no idea what we were doing there or what the show was about or if he was even going to see it, he still was so excited to see us that he couldn't contain his emotions! Talk about the best job in the world! This afternoon brought about a whole new challenge. We had some workshops to deliver to Year 6 at Canon Burrows with the brief of being hard hitting and really getting them to think about cyber bullying and online safety. Many of them were very shocked to hear about minimum age for using WhatsApp (16, don't you know?) and enjoyed the exercises that we used to provoke thought and discussion. All in all, we've had a day full of learning and laughter. Now all that's left to do is travel for 5 hours to our fabulous accommodation close to tomorrow's shows... Good job we've already stopped for coffee :)

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