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Anti-Bullying Week 2015: Wednesday

Day 3 Today Team Click was only out for half a day, but what a half day it was! We were welcomed at the school this morning with a hot coffee and a massive smile. Every single member of staff that we encountered at Davington Primary School was helpful and friendly and when you are on the road it makes such a difference! Barry, the caretaker, even let us use his own personal kettle and allowed us to carry the set in through his office so we wouldn’t have to go the long way round, and Jane (one of the dinner ladies) made us a brew- the third of the day- whilst we started putting out set up.

First of all, we had Key Stage 2 who were so mature and had some excellent ideas and contributions during the show! We were so impressed with the attention they had paid to the detail of the show and were super online safety experts by the end of their show.

Next we had Key Stage 1, and they were such good listeners! They learned all about personal information and how to stay safe online. Even their teachers got involved with the show and helped everyone learn the lessons about not leaving any personal devices lying around!

Overall, we had a lovely morning at Davington (and even managed to beat our personal best, getting the set out in just 12 minutes!). Colin and I were lucky enough to be able to spend the rest of the day getting stuff done that we needed to, spending time by the seaside, and eating tea at Bobby Jo’s (a really cool 1950s diner).

Who knew you could fit so many marvellous things into one day? Now, with our bellies full and our hair full of sea salt, I think we’ll settle down to watch I’m a Celebrity!

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