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Anti-Bullying Week 2015: Tuesday

Day 2 As I sat trying to make my face look like something other than a haggard mess this morning, I contemplated the day that we had ahead of us. I had sort of got used to the idea that today would be a bit manic, as the turn around time on everything was quite tight, but I had no idea what was actually in store…

Our first two performances were, as usual, pretty fabulous- not down to us of course, but down to the wonderful participation of all the pupils at Northlands Primary School. We had some amazing and imaginative answers and the shows really flew by, and before we knew it the clock had turned 11.30…

We naively thought we had loads of time as we started packing the set away, but soon it dawned on us as a very polite dinner lady gently reminded us that lunch started at 11.40 and Colin remembered that we had a workshop at 11.45! This lead to one of the most efficient strikes and get outs I have ever been a part of. Like a well-oiled machine (despite having only packed the van once at this point) Colin and I sprang into action. Flats got covered, the puppet cast were erm… sent to their trailers, and the entire set was packed down and away in a mere 17 minutes. Amazing!

In the afternoon the workshops were absolutely brilliant. From Year 2 learning what personal information is (thanks to some serious help from Mr Dragon) all the way up to Year 6 learning about the hazards of cyber bullying, we had a top time hearing what everybody had to offer and contribute as well as sharing some of the stuff we have learned over the past few days! All in all, we had a smashing day at Northlands Primary School and even managed to round the day off with some cauliflower cheese and fish and chips! Lovely stuff!

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